Robson’s was established in 2006 by founder and punk UK brewer, Stuart Robson.

Armed with intellect, a strong chemical engineering background and a love of beer, Stuart created some awesome beer recipes.

However, in 2010 the call from the UK came, and Stuart relocated to London where he still enjoys making great beer.

Robson’s was taken over by the Stewart family who had been fond supporters of the beer from its start.

These intrepid and brave Stewart sailors have taken on the craft market, increasing the brewery’s output by 300% in order to keep up with the local demand and still have enough beer to quench the thirst of the international market.

We’re working on a brand new range and getting ready to tackle the international market. Beer lovers, prepare yourselves!

The Brew Master

Brian Stewart

Although at Robson’s we believe there is never enough time to learn, and that we should continuously aim to improve our product and better the beer, with the help of original brewery master, Stuart Robson, I managed to get things right in about 6 months.

Quality and consistency are extremely important and are the make and break of this industry. We believe that if we’re not satisfied our clients won’t be either, so quality is right at the top of our list.

The Stewart Clan

Brian, Donn and Gary Stewart

The Stewart family are water babies, through and through.

Dad and brewery master, Brian, was the National swimming captain back in the 60s.

The two oldest kids, Jackie and Gary, were both provincial swimmers and the youngest son continues to play waterpolo for SA, while Sally, the youngest, although a wizz in the pool got the looks and brains.

The clan grew up on the Slow Coast near the sea until they made the trek to Shongweni 15 years ago to allow The General (a.k.a. Mom) to fulfill her dream of duck farming.

With a good mix of Dutch and Scottish heritage – two sets of ancestors that make and drink a substantial amount of the good stuff – it was only natural for the Stewart family to move into the art of brewing beer. And drinking a little too.

For as long as the kids can remember, Brian has always been a tinkering, mad scientist, so moving from being a development consultant to full-time brewery master was a natural progression.

Son Donn left the corporate world to join his dad and concentrates on sales, marketing and finances.

Gary runs a successful yacht chartering business but word around the watering hole is he’ll soon be joining this successful team.